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Solar panel maker ARTsolar has filed a petition with the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa, seeking customs tariffs on all imported crystalline silicon PV panels.In the document, submitted at the end of March, the manufacturer complained ther...... [More]

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The Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN) has awarded the contract to build an 800 MW CSP-PV power plant 20km north of mdelt, in central Morocco, to an international consortium formed by French energy company EDF. UAE solar developer Masdar Moroccan independent...... [More]

Unlik previous trade actions which targeted solar imports from China, later Taiwan, the truly global nature of the Section 201 tariffs ensured there werent many places to relocate a factory get around tariffs on modules shipped to the United States.There werent many; bu ......[More]

Chinese solar company Xinyi Energy Holdings Limited has reportedly raised $465 million from its initial public offering. The business a subsidiary of solar glass manufacturer Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited operates a 954 MW portfolio of PV plants in China.Bloomberg, cit ......[More]

Last year saw 180 GW of renewable energy generation capacity installed worldwide, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).Although the figure is impressive, matched the amount added in 2017, the IEA has pointed out it was the first time the volume of new rene ......[More]

Huawei, Sungrow SMA were, in that order, the three largest inverter providers in terms of shipments last year, according to a report from analyst Wood Mackenzie Power Renewables.The dominant trio have held the same positions since 2016, with Huawei securing top rank fo ......[More]

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